Terrific sailing! Really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Todd was/is a great instructor: patient, easy to understand and knowledgeable. 
Ken & Evan

This was our first time on a sailboat. My husband would like to retire on a sailboat. I have not had the same retirement dream. After spending the two hours today sailing, I realized the serenity and the peace you feel sailing. This was a great opportunity for us. I have enjoyed sailing much more than I thought I would. Todd was great in teaching us the basics and made the time fly by with great stories and humor. We just loved this experience and I am sure sailing will be in our future. Matt & Misty

We had a wonderful time. We came to learn about sailing and we not only learned a bit about sailing, but we had a peaceful and enjoyable time. Our trip was fantastic. Thanks for making our anniversary wonderful! Deanna & Martin

Very nice sail. Jed Boal ( KSL News Reporter), came along to do a story on Utah Lake. He and his camera man Mark were fun to have along. Nathan and Mandy were celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary. Louise

Dale is Awesome! He was very informative and our expectations were exceeded! My husband wants to take a class and has the dream of buying a sailboat in the future. Thanks a ton. Lori & Steve


Perfect sailing day! Winds strong for first two hours. Great tacking and jibing and running. Set out race course - lots of fun. Todd is the ideal instructor . . . let us each do our thing. Roger & Amie

It was so beautiful and relaxing, with great company that just let us enjoy the "sailing experience". The wind kept us on our toes and lessons learned from a great teacher, Captain Frye. Judith & Clay

Awesome! Great etymology lesson too. Thanks Cap't Todd.  Suzanne & Lorayne

Best sailing trip ever! Beautiful, peaceful and we got engaged! Alexa & Logan

Had a great time with Todd out on the lake. Reminded me how much I enjoyed being out on the water. Thanks for the great time and taking the time to teach us. Eziquel & Tiffany

For many years I have dreamed of what sailing might be like. The reality of this adventure exceeded my hopes. Todd, as teacher and captain, could not have been better. I loved your discussion on techniques, stories, trivia, and hands on experience. I am hooked. David & Holly

Opened our eyes to a new joy in life. If finance and time permits, we would go sailing too! Utah Lake is pretty and sailing was fun. Thanks for letting us be part of your crew. We fell in love with sailing! Emil & Stephanie

Learned GPS and radio, tack and jibe, wind lessons and MOB. Cool wind chart - had a great time!
Wounded Warriors: Roger, Cindy, Leslie and Dakota

I'm so glad we didn't get stormed out. I loved it so much and enjoyed the learning adventure with my son. Thanks for making it so enjoyable. Debra & Chandler

Dale is the man. Take him to the British Isles! Also, this was a fantastic experience. Paul

Such a great experience. Dale was such a wonderful, knowledgeable instructor. Will be back to learn more. Mardee

Great sail with a great guy - ready to sail the world with Todd. Buddy & Jan

We had a great time. You were great with our kids. It was great fun to help and learn. The poem was perfect. Thank you Todd. Wattersons

Had an amazing time. The views were incredible. Todd has a very entertaining and endearing personality. He is very patient and a great instructor. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you!! Jana

What an absolutely wonderful afternoon!! I think that our "Introduction to Sailing" will blossom into a lifelong love for both of us. Thank you Todd. Jennie & Harry

Very informative, lots of fun, so interesting and so much to learn. A truly beautiful craft in which I have a new appreciation for. Todd is very knowledgeable and entertaining! Thanks. Cade

Thank you so much for the excellent trip and lesson! We learned so much! Keel, jib, port, starboard, sheet, cleat, no-sail-zone, etc. Would definitely sail again! Rebekah & Emily

Absolutely wonderful! This was exactly the experience that I had in mind. I learned some of the basics and feel confident to continue to advance my knowledge further in Daytona Beach. Thank you so much for the opportunity and I hope to return in the future. Adam

"A great day for learning.We sailed toward West Mountain learning how to tack and trim the sails. Had a lot of fun once we got the hang of tacking. Man overboard was very informative and Todd kept us on our toes. We all agree that sailing into the wind is more fun. Thank you for a fantastic intro to sailing."  Tara, Preston, & Dan

"Absolutely fabulous!  Dale was great and helped make a great experience." Divinity & Joseph

"We had hands on experience.  Utah Lake is beautiful.  Those living north should not let the drive deter them."

"Bonneville sailing provided a great opportunity to learn the basics of sailing with very helpful and knowledgable instructors.  What a great way to learn to sail in very capable hands."

"The sailing course met and exceeded my expectations."
                        Jahne Family

                              Kim's Solo

"Words cannot express how I'm feeling right now!     That was the scariest, most exciting, most fun thing I've ever done!   When I first went out I was shaking.   I put up the main and head sail and started heeling.   Yikes...ha, ha.   I brought in the headsail and sailed on white caps for a while -what a rush!   The wind died down after awhile so I brought the head sail back out and it was smooth sailing from there on out!

This is one of the best days of my life!
My emotions are all over the place!   I feel so empowered!

Thank you to Todd, Ty and Bonneville
School of Sailing for making this dream
come true!"