Todd you were a wonderfulskipper! You lit a spark I hope to pursue for a lifetime. I plan on being back to learn from you. Thanks. Trent and Irene

Great, very interactive and educational. Quite the adventure grabbing my dropped hat out of the lake. Grace

We had such a great time. We loved learning how to sail. This was our first time and it will not be our last! Thanks for the great time! Ryan & Heidi

It was awesome!!! We're "ready about" to do this again. Tacking was my favorite -- and my husband's! Ear-to-ear grins!
Tammy Sue

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Why does sailing capture the imagination of those of us standing on the shore? Wishing we could feel the power of the wind, the response of the helm as we come to windward and that exhilarating feeling of unfettered freedom seems to be a commonly shared desire of anyone who has watched sails disappear over the horizon.

Join us for two hours of fun, freedom and relaxation.  Take the helm, ask questions, try tacking and jibing and maybe even a heave-to.  This is a great way to find out if sailing is for you.

Discover your sailing dreams. Maybe even your life’s dream.

COST:  $99.00 per person

To schedule call 801-636-5204.

 A letter from one of our sailing students says it all:

Hello Bonneville Sailing School,

I just wanted to let you know that I have bought a 38’ Nantucket in San Diego and have already been out sailing in the harbor numerous times. I am Aaron Isaacsen from Salt Lake City, the guy with the long hair and big red truck. You helped me out very much, in realizing that I can do this. “This” being my dream to sail around the planet. I am already doing the “live-aboard” lifestyle and look forward to heading down to Cabo and the Sea of Cortez this coming September. I will keep you posted as to my progress if you wish. Mainly, I would like to say “Thank You” for getting me started and showing me the basics that I needed to know, to start living my dream.  I will never forget you for that.

Captain Aaron Isaacson
P.S. Do you know anyone looking to buy a 2004 Ford F350 extended cab?